Views From the Top is a radio show that takes a look at the hard hitting issues affecting women in top corporate positions at the top of their game. Guests share their tips and war stories of their ascent to the top. These women take no prisoners, make no excuses and play to win. Views From the Top is a media property of Empower Me! Corporation. Manage your own career and do what it takes to get ahead. Empower Me! is the place for the upwardly mobile (and we do mean mobile) career woman to network, research and learn what she needs to do to take their career to the C level.

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To succeed in the business world, you need to have advocates in your corner who will champion you with you or without you around. Women especially need to have a solid set of mentors they can turn to for professional guidance and moral support. We'll be talking about the power of having mentors in the rise up the corporate ladder (for career women), the benefits of having mentors, how to go about getting one (or several), guidelines for building a mentoring relationship and pitfalls to avoid.

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