Put some enthusiasm, energy, and sparkle on your side. We may have different styles and areas of expertise, but we all have one thing in common: a passion for your success.
"Grace Andrews and the Ignite team have been an integral partner to the success of my agency over the past decade. Their insights and counsel are always spot-on and they make valuable recommendations for our growth and development. We treasure them!"
~ Laura Davidson
President, LDPR
"I wake up everyday ready to launch myself into a new adventure. That
is what makes my job perfect...one adventure after another with the end result of changing people's lives
in a positive way. Who could ever want more than that?"

Grace Andrews  -  grace@weigniteit.com
Founder and Chief Sparkplug

Grace fires up high-profile clients and coaches them to greater success with realism, passion, clarity and dangerously close-to-home humor. World-class firms rely on her to shift leaders, transform cultures and help power organizations to higher achievement.

Her magnetic presence as a seminar leader has earned her an almost fanatical following. If you are lucky enough to work with Grace, you, too, will be privy to the bathmat story, the answer to what happens to folks who hang out in the swamp and the transformative power of speaking the truth.

Her keynote speaking engagements, which focus on Vision, Leadership, Values and Teamwork, have inspired groups around the world. Ignite's chief sparkplug engages attendees' hearts, igniting their own powerful visions and destinies.
"One of the coolest things about our roles as igniters is seeing an individual or team have an 'ah ha' moment during training or a one-on-one coaching session. A light bulb literally goes off and this is when you know that real learning has taken place and positive change or growth will follow."

Beth Murphy  -  beth@weigniteit.com
Igniter / Consultant

No matter what session Beth is facilitating, she is always certain to make an impactful and real-world connection for her audience. Whether leading an interactive teambuilding session, instructing executives on more effective communication methods, introducing innovative sales techniques to a sales team, or coaching a manager on ways to improve his/her performance, Beth is always certain to get her audience engaged and motivated to learn. Her down-to-earth personality and sense of humor create a relaxed atmosphere that help engage audiences and spark an interactive learning environment. Beth's fast-paced, high-energy and participatory approach to training is refreshing. She takes pride in ensuring that all participants who attend one of her sessions leave with a new idea, approach or method they can integrate into their current role.
"The worst thing that happens to you can be the best thing for you, if you don't let it get the best of you."

Amy DiLullo  -  amy@weigniteit.com
Keeper of the Cash

Amy's long history of expert accounting practices keeps us all on track and in the black. Unlike traditional finance people, her first concern is to be sure all of our clients are getting what they need. From contracts to billings, she is flexible and patient, looking for creative ways to meet any requests made of her. Her style is calm and her skill is strong, so even when she needs to collect the cash, clients find it a welcome experience.
"Igniting passionate responses in participants is my way of knowing that our training has been successful. If I have a group of 20 participants in a seminar, and
each takes just one idea back
to the workplace and acts on it,
that's 20 new approaches that are sure to have amazing results
in that organization."

Sandra Mader  -  sandra@weigniteit.com
Ignition Specialist / Consultant

Sandra designs dynamic programs that are interactive and engaging and participants leave her sessions feeling excited and energized, and armed with practical tools that will increase their effectiveness in the workplace. She trains both management and support staff worldwide and her passion, sincerity, humor and creative approach to training reach each and every person in her audience. Sandra's theatrical background is well utilized in her training and presentations. Whether she is facilitating a session in strategic goal-setting, a seminar on determining leadership styles, or a program to enhance customer service, Sandra brings a subject to life through excellent storytelling and unusual exercises that involve the group. She makes a genuine connection with her participants and she recognizes that she learns something new from the group every time that she trains. Sandra inspires trust and she ignites individuals to challenge themselves to be more effective and productive in their roles at work and in life.
"I'm passionate about getting people to their 'best selves', igniting in them and highlighting capabilities they didn't know they possessed. When people are able to have their "best selves" emerge and perform, great things happen. My role as Synergist pulls this all together making each person and their organizations stronger."

Jackie Sonnabend  -  jackie@weigniteit.com Synergist / Consultant

Jackie strongly believes that every top manager is a leader, and as leaders, they need to be concerned not only with the bottom line, but also with how to lead the people in the organization into the future. Jackie uses this approach to help groups discover their core values and purpose and create a unified vision of the future. She is truly gifted in guiding people in powerful discussions that lead to synergistic results. Jackie flawlessly blends the practical aspects of running a business with the human element of organizational behavior. She is committed to helping people and organizations be the best that they can be.
"If you love what you do in life,
then it is all the more rewarding. Being the backbone of the Ignite team, keeping the team organized and on the right track is
rewarding - I love my role as Keeper of the Flame!"

Caroline Grasso  -  caroline@weigniteit.com
Keeper of the Flame

Caroline keeps all the Ignite team on pace. With her calm and patient approach, she organizes the details of all the team's needs. Her ability to multi-task is a key essential in the fast paced environment at Ignite. Her greatest skill is her client interfacing. She is the key contact for many of our clients and meets all of their questions and concerns with charm and skill, putting them at ease and getting their requests met. Her deep knowledge of systems and processes allows us to be sure all of our partners get what they need efficiently and on time. No wonder we call her "the keeper of the flame!"
"What if the Hokey Pokey IS
what it's all about?"

Suzanne Alpert  -  suzanne@weigniteit.com
Igniter / Consultant

It's easy to get fired up in one of Suzanne's sessions because she herself is a highly energized and dynamic personality. No matter what topic she's addressing in the classroom, you'll immediately be engaged with lots of interactive exercises, humorous stories and real life examples that drive the points home.

Fast paced and enthusiastic (along with a quirky sense of humor), Suzanne creates informal learning environments and fun dynamics with her teams. Whether she's presenting a workshop on exceptional customer service or management and supervisory skills, she challenges and motivates participants to be more effective communicators, both in the workplace and at home.