Men and women who serve as members of a board are highly regarded for the time, intellect, and contribution they give to the organization or company they represent. With time being an important currency today, it is essential we do not waste the resources they are sharing with us. Board Facilitation is one of the fastest ways to get to the core of a board's purpose, goals, and strategy; it allows the members to move forward as a unified front with clear vision, guidelines, and accountabilities. It can be difficult for any board to self-facilitate this kind of process. Ignite has developed expert facilitation processes over many years that are particular to boards and their unique dynamics.

Some of the most dynamic things you will learn when you have great facilitation:

  • Board assessments—how are we measuring our success?
  • Communication and leadership dynamics
  • How to form committees that work
  • Strategy and year-long planning, complete with timelines and accountabilities
  • Understanding individual strengths and how to best utilize them

If you are a member of a board, do an analysis; and you will find that good facilitation is the spark to a great board getting things done right!
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