Views From the Top is a radio show that takes a look at the hard hitting issues affecting women in top corporate positions at the top of their game.
To succeed in the business world, you need to have advocates in your corner who will champion you with you or without you around. Women especially need to have a solid set of mentors they can turn to for professional guidance and moral support. We'll be talking about the power of having mentors in the rise up the corporate ladder (for career women), the benefits of having mentors, how to go about getting one (or several), guidelines for building a mentoring relationship and pitfalls to avoid.

Views From the Top


Let Your Employees and Your Customers Know What You Stand For
An Ignite White Paper
By Sandra Mader

As we continue to strive within our current economy, it occurred to me that this would be a great time to re-visit and re-commit to the values your organization has in place, or to make the time to establish your core guiding values. No matter what our current journey is as a company, the "way we are being on the journey" must never falter.

The Power of Core Values: Let Your Employees and Your Customers Know What You Stand For


An Ignite White Paper
By Suzanne B. Alpert

There's no doubt about it - these are stressful times. With the economic downfall and global crises, it's no wonder, people are on edge. If you haven't experienced it yourself, you probably know people who are fearful about losing their job, worried their house may be foreclosed or not being able to pay their monthly bills or kid's college tuition. With all this tension and anxiety, conflict has become more prevalent than ever before, both at home and in the workplace.

Is All Conflict Negative and Unproductive?


The Takeaway
By John Hockenberry, Farai Chideya, Jesse Baker
Guests: Michelle Higgins, Grace Andrews

As we plot out our flightpaths for Labor Day weekend, there is a dark cloud over the airline industry. Airlines are cutting routes, using smaller planes and adding even more fees. Joining The Takeaway this morning to discuss the high price of travel is Michelle Higgins, the travel reporter for our partner The New York Times. We are also joined by Grace Andrews, the founder and chief executive of Ignite, a corporate change company in Massachusetts; she a frequent flyer.

Turbulence Ahead for Airlines (and Passengers)  |  Download Audio


The New York Times
By Grace Andrews and Joan Raymond

LUGGAGE LOST, BUT KINDNESS DISCOVEREDI DON'T mind traveling. I've been doing it for some 20 years, and I can take whatever the airlines throw at me.

Back in the day, I used to pack everything I owned. I had tons of suitcases. Nowadays, I pack so light, my bag weighs the same whether I'm on a one-day trip or a five-day trip. As long as I'm somewhat presentable, I figure that I'm O.K.

But being presentable takes on new meaning when your luggage is lost.

Luggage Lost, but Kindness Discovered

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