Through one-on-one coaching and 360º feedback programs, we help leaders and prospective executives capitalize on their strengths and behavioral style to increase their effectiveness within their organizations. Since every person is unique, we use a variety of tools to customize our coaching and develop an individualized Professional Development Plan, tailored to meet your specific goals and aspirations. Executive coaching may last a few weeks or span several months, depending on your needs.
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Supervisors and managers are doubly challenged with the responsibility of managing their own careers and goals, as well as creating a positive spark in the performance and growth of those they oversee. To help, Ignite offers customized, hands-on seminars on a variety of topics, where managers can learn and develop competencies such as coaching skills, conflict management, problem solving, team motivation, effective training techniques, goal setting, stress management, interviewing, networking, project management, time management, how to run a meeting, presentation skills, and more.
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Using both traditional and unconventional methods, we help organizations enhance their sense of teamwork to overcome any obstacle. In these sessions, your team explores and identifies its own style, as well as the behavioral styles of those they work closely with. Through interactive and adventure-based programs, your staff learns how to work together as a team. To be sure, these activities contain lessons we can all benefit from; but—most of all—they are fun, highly energized events that bring teams together.
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Ignite has taught thousands of professionals to deliver personal service that is genuine, warm, and unobtrusive. We tailor our programs to meet the specific challenges and demands you and your staff face every day. In these sessions, your staff will learn various aspects of great customer service, including anticipating needs, exceeding expectations, empowering employees, creating a trans-organizational level of service, making customers feel understood and appreciated, and turning challenges into opportunities. Our sessions will spark energy and engagement on your team and your customers will be excited and energized as a result. It is a genuine win-win for your staff and your customers.
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Develop effective relationships with your clients—and turn a one-time sale into a career-long opportunity. You learn strategies that improve your interactions with clients, maintain rapport and, ultimately, win the sale. We combine customized client scenarios with skill practice, so you complete your program with practical tools you can employ immediately. Topics include sales presentations, cold-calling techniques, listening and negotiation skills, tactical selling, problem solving, and more.
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Nothing is more important to your organization's success than the people you hire. The right talent can spark great things in an organization. Ignite offers several employment-related programs to help you better align your HR Department to your company's vision, mission, and values—before and after the hire. For example, we can help you learn how to write better job descriptions, use behavior-based interview techniques, conduct effective job fairs, implement productive new hire orientation, establish performance review systems, conduct helpful employee surveys, and more.
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Men and women who serve as members of a board are highly regarded for the time, intellect and contribution they give to the organization or company they represent. With time being an important currency today, it is essential we do not waste the resources they are sharing with us. Board Facilitation is one of the fastest ways to get to the core of a board's purpose, goals, and strategy; it allows the members to move forward as a unified front with clear vision, guidelines, and accountabilities.
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Our speakers and keynote topics engage your attendees' hearts, spirits, and intellect! Vision, leadership, values, and teamwork are some of the key components that comprise our keynote presentations. Our speakers are committed to motivating their audiences so participants can immediately fulfill their own vision and destiny.
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"When afforded the opportunity to lead an organization, I surround myself with individuals, teams and energy that will support my goals and success. Consistently showing up in each of those opportunities has been the team of Ignite. With a great diversity of highly skilled professionals, I have utilized several versions of Ignite — selecting carefully for each situation and organizational need. Each leadership situation has been unique, tapping a new Ignite resource or member for use in Strategic Planning, board facilitation, volunteer development and severe organizational change!"
~ Chris Gasbarro
Chief Creative Officer, Creative Community Connections