Our strongest orientation is that of partnership and relationship. We work in collaboration with individuals, teams, and organizations to maximize their success. We drive for results and positive outcomes through flexibility, customization and individualized programs. Nothing is more paramount to us then providing value for our clients. Every company may say this but we live it We Ignite it.

The foundation for this philosophy comes from our values, which guide us in all our relationships and which we strive to live by every day.


Our Core Values guide the way we operate with our clients and each other. These are the essential and enduring tenets of our organization and help us to deliver on our purpose "To add value to people's lives".

Integrity: Trustworthiness, honesty, and a commitment to excellence are core to all our relationships.

Autonomy: We embrace each other's differences and revel in our ability to be self-directed. This freedom allows us to explore, imagine, and above all, create synergy when we all come together.

Transformation: Embracing change, seeing the big picture, and creating something new out of something ordinary are at the core of what we do.

Making a Difference: Our passion is making a difference in the lives we touch; our clients, each other and our community. Making a difference makes our lives more meaningful; so in the end, the giving is a gift to ourselves.
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"My experience with Ignite is that they are a true partner
who works with a company to establish a clear objective and then works with management to achieve it over time, whether improving competencies and/or establishing values. They are very adaptive and are willing to try new ways and blend approaches. They provide clear and honest feedback along the way, even when it is not comfortable, as improving leadership is the ultimate destination. Since it is a journey with no end, they are in for the whole ride."

Greg Fea, President/CEO, illy caffe, North America, inc.